Comparing the Aerospatial A350 and the new H125.

The new H125 Features a VEMD System (Vehicle and engine multifunction display)

“The Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) is an Airbus development for the management and control of the primary aircraft and engine parameters. It reduces pilot workload and fosters a ‘heads-up’ approach to flying, giving the pilot more time to focus on the external environment thanks to a quick and easy scan, excellent visibility and optimised ergonomics”.

The VEMD is integrated on Airbus helicopter models AS350, H120, H130, AS355, H135, H145, H155 and H225 helicopters.

The Turbomeca Arriel 2 produces 20% more power than the original Turbomeca 1D. The new Arriel 2 also features a FADEC System.

The H125 also Features a redundant dual hydraulic control system, adding safety and increased internal load capacity.

The H125 is equipped with a Garmin GH500H Avionic system.


Aerospatiale AS350CDPH-4944-78_©_CopyrightAirbus_Helicopters_Eric_Raz (1).jpg

Airbus H125


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